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Does the Lego Star Wars Game Live Up to Expectations?

The Lego Star Wars game is a video game based on the iconic Star Wars films. The game has over 100 ships, nearly 400 characters, 45 levels and 20 planets to explore. Lego has been collaborating with the Star Wars franchise for over 20 years and has already created several massive building sets, television shows and video games based on the movies. However, the game does not live up to expectations. While it may be fun to play, it is not the perfect experience for those who enjoy the original films.

The LEGO Star Wars game includes several features that are unique to this new franchise. For example, the game includes dialogue between characters. In addition to their own dialogue, players can interact with the other characters as they play the game. For instance, the character Obi-Wan can instruct his apprentice, Anakin, on how to grow his beard, and Darth Vader can pair up with Kylo Ren, the character from Indiana Jones. The game’s humor makes it enjoyable for both kids and adults alike.

The gameplay cycle of the Lego Star Wars game is shallow, and the world feels more condensed than in previous games. The game features more than 300 playable characters, and it is fun to explore all of them. The gameplay cycle is shallow, and most of the puzzle and problem solving elements are missing. However, the game is not a good choice for those who like playing Lego games. Aside from a shallow experience, the game is a bit dull.

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