How To Label Joints In Olcc Oregon


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How to Label Joints in Oregon

The Oregon Licensing and Cannabis Control Commission (OLCC) has rules and regulations regarding labeling cannabis products. These regulations include using the Medical Grade Symbol and the Universal Symbol. You can download the Oregon labeling requirements as a PDF or purchase the required labels. Universal Symbol labels are made in the USA from high quality materials.

Luminous Botanicals’ mislabeling error

Luminous Botanicals is currently being fined by the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission after it was caught mislabeling 35,000 vials of THC tonic. While the company claims this was a genuine mistake, the Commission said that Luminous Botanicals’ shoddy labeling posed a health risk for consumers.

Oregon regulators ordered Luminous Botanicals to pay $100,000 for their mislabeling error. The fine is the result of a two-year battle between Luminous and the state’s Liquor and Cannabis Commission. The company maintains that the error was a simple mistake and is appealing the decision to the Oregon Court of Appeals.

Luminous Botanicals’ license type

Luminous Botanicals is an alternative to conventional medicine. Their products contain CBD, a cannabinoid that is highly effective in treating pain. Luminous Botanicals’ products are available in three convenient doses and sizes. These products can be purchased at any of our locations.

The company operates from its 33-acre farm in Takilma, Oregon, where it grows 13 acres of CBD-rich cannabis and a further 13 acres of hemp for the hemp market. It also manufactures topicals, full-spectrum tonics, and gelcaps. Luminous Botanicals is licensed to sell these products to dispensaries across Oregon.

Luminous Botanicals’ generic labeling

Oregon’s Liquor and Cannabis Commission recently fined Luminous Botanicals $100,000 for mislabeling its THC tonic. While the company has dismissed the accusations as an honest mistake, the commission said the generic labeling put consumers’ health at risk. The company has agreed to pay the fine, but plans to appeal to the Oregon Court of Appeals.

The company’s legal team argued that Luminous’s compliance was so good that the company should receive a warning instead of a fine for an innocent error. But the OLCC rejected this argument. The company was ordered to pay an additional $40,000 for not complying with the law, but is now pursuing legal action against the company.

Luminous Botanicals’ cannabis vials

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission recently fined Luminous Botanicals $100,000 for selling marijuana tincture in noncompliant vials. The regulators said the labels on the vials were not affixed properly and could lead to unintentional ingestion. Also, the small vials didn’t provide any differentiation between the legal and illegal market.

Luminous’ legal counsel argued that the company acted in a professional manner, made an honest mistake, and deserved only a warning, instead of a fine. The OLCC disagreed, and imposed the fine.

Luminous Botanicals’ marijuana vials

Last month, the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) upheld a decision that fined a recreational marijuana processor $100,000 for selling non-compliant marijuana tincture vials. In the case of Luminous Botanicals, the company sold marijuana tincture in small vials, which were not properly labeled and posed a risk to unsuspecting consumers. This case highlights the need for business leaders to have reliable and comprehensive industry data and analysis.

The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) staff determined that the labels were not affixed correctly and were likely to fall off. Because the marijuana tincture contained no markings, the vials presented a public safety hazard, despite the fact that Luminous Botanicals had received no complaints. The company says it is filing for judicial review and will appeal the fine to the Oregon Court of Appeals.


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